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Company Culture

Weijiamei Vision

Company Vision

  • The mission of the company

    For every family in the world healthy eating, energy saving and environmental protection, intelligent manufacturing of high-quality kitchen appliances, freehand and wonderful life.

  • Business philosophy

    Take science and technology as the first productivity, quality as the first lifeline, and make high-quality kitchen appliances with ingenuity.

  • operating strategy

    Innovative technology, focus on research and development, quality and quantity, standardization, standardization, and institutionalized management.

  • Company slogan

    The mission must be fulfilled. Satisfying customer needs is the responsibility of every "beautiful family".

  • Quality policy

    Customer first, quality first, full participation, continuous improvement.

  • Strategy and goals

    Innovation and creation, leading life; Give back to the society and contribute to the world;

  • Corporate values

    For the better life that we yearn for together, we are in the wind and rain! For the beautiful family that we yearn for together, we are forging ahead!

  • Enterprise spirit

    Breakthrough, innovation, humility and ingenuity.

For family for life for love

Company Vision

Create a well-known brand of kitchen appliances

in the world, and create a beautiful family

in the world!

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