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Features of electric lunch box

1. The electric lunch box is made of food-grade high temperature resistant new generation environmental protection materials.
2. Healthy, fashionable, new-concept new generation portable electric lunch box, no peculiar smell, healthy and hygienic.
3. The design is exquisite and fashionable, and the surface cover is specially equipped with a ventilation device to keep the food fresh.
4. It is safer and faster to use, energy-saving and electricity-saving.
5. Low-power circulating heating design keeps food warm and fresh and delicious.
6. The electric lunch box has dual functions of heating and heat preservation.
7. It is convenient to carry meals, vegetables, soups and other foods when going out. It is a good helper for home, work and school.
8. The design of product components is reasonable and the sealing performance is good.
9. The product cannot be used directly in the refrigerator and microwave oven, and it is strictly forbidden to soak in water.
10. Exquisite design and fashionable appearance
11. Unique heating design, the temperature is more uniform, and the food is softer
12. The electric lunch box adopts imported components for constant temperature heating, which is safer to use
13. The electric lunch box is designed with a fresh-keeping box container, which is convenient and practical
14. The container of the heated lunch box in contact with the food is made of imported high-temperature resistant, non-breakable materials, and the materials meet the requirements of RoHS environmental protection and FDA food safety certification

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