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Advantages Of An Electric Pressure Cooker

Advantages of an electric pressure cooker

1. Simple, fast and time-saving operation

After plugging in the power, just select the function you need, and the electric pressure cooker will do all the work automatically in the future. Because there is a certain pressure, the temperature in the pot is higher than 100 degrees Celsius, so the hard-to-cook food such as tendons and beans can be stewed for only about 2030 minutes. As for rice, the pressure-holding time is even shorter, only 8 to 12 minutes.

2. Good taste, safe and reliable

Everyone has experience cooking with old-fashioned pressure cookers, and the food tastes great, and the same goes for electric pressure cookers. When the temperature is enough, power off; when the pressure is enough, power off; when time is enough, power off. Special eight-fold safety protection device.

3, clean and easy to wash

Cook mung bean soup, stew beef and even boil milk without spilling. As long as you are not in a hurry to open the lid and do not manually deflate, then the lid of the pot is clean with only water vapor, eliminating the trouble of cleaning the stove.

4, energy-saving

Cooking food in an electric pressure cooker is energy efficient and a truly affordable option. It boils the water in the pot, and after entering the pressure-holding state, it requires very little electricity to maintain the pressure (during the pressure-holding process, the heating plate does not work, that is, almost no electricity is needed. 5 liters Burning a pot of beef brisket consumes no more than 0.5 kWh of electricity), which can save you a lot of electricity and gas bills every year.

5. Nutrition and health

During the cooking process, oxygen in the air often mixes with vitamins and nutrients in the food, destroying the nutrients. The electric pressure cooker is fully enclosed for cooking, thereby reducing the damage and loss of nutrients. Besides, everyone knows that the concentration of sub-salt will increase if the water is boiled for a long time. Quickly cooking porridge and soup is good for human health. Friends who like to cook old fire and good soup The concept of healthy cooking should be updated.

6, one-pot multi-purpose

The rice is softer and more delicious than the rice cooker; it is safer than the pressure cooker, the operation is simple, and it can be done automatically without any supervision;

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