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Advantages Of Rice Cooker

The rice cooker can pre-set the start-up time, cooking time and holding time to realize fully automatic work, which is very convenient. Many brands already have an appointment function, and some brands can make appointments up to 9.5 hours. These are not available in ordinary pots. For example, before going out in the morning, we put spare ribs and seasonings in the rice cooker, set the cooking time and automatic heat preservation, and then go home at night to drink a bowl of nutritious and delicious spare ribs soup.

Rice cooker has the characteristics of acid and alkali resistance, and has a large heat capacity and a long heat preservation time. It has been an ideal choice for soup and stew for a long time. The soup of the rice cooker will be more refined and the taste will be stronger. After all, stewed soup is the main product of the rice cooker. The pressure cooker takes fast time, but the taste may be slightly weaker, which is suitable for boiling soup.

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