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Considerations When Choosing A Multi-pot Cooker

Size and Available Storage

Multi-cookers can take up some space in your kitchen cabinets. Measure your cabinet space and compare it to the size of your cookware. Some models are taller and take up vertical space, while others are longer and take up horizontal space. Depending on your cabinet design, one may fit your kitchen space better than the other.


Multi-cookers are usually made in two-quart, four-quart, six-quart, and eight-quart sizes. The two-quart model can feed two or three people, while the eight-quart model can feed one six, seven, or more people, depending on the recipe.

preset program

Preset programs make cooking easier. Some models have simmer, rice, beans, or oatmeal settings that can adjust the pressure and time settings for you. If you are not familiar with the multi-function rice cooker, you can use these preset programs to more easily adapt to using the multi-function rice cooker.

delayed start

If you want to prepare dinner the moment you walk in the door, look for a model with a delayed start feature. You can prepare food, leave it in the cooker, set a delayed start time, and go home and prepare a meal. However, you should only delay eating foods that are safe to sit at room temperature for a few hours.

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