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Difference Between Air Fryer And Oven

Difference Between Air Fryer and Oven

(1) Appearance

From the appearance, most of the ovens on the market are square, and the door is closed; while the air fryer is like a "can" with a drawer, and opening the drawer is the frying basket of the air fryer, and the ingredients are placed on it. Put in the frying basket and start heating. The ovens on the market generally have a minimum capacity of about 10L. Compared with the air fryer, which only has a capacity of 4L, it is more compact~

(2) Heating method

Typically, electric ovens are heated by thermal radiation. The electric heating tube is heated in a closed space to generate high temperatures to grill the food, and at the same time, it can also ensure a good barbecue taste. At present, the mainstream ovens have a hot air function, which can ensure the uniformity of baking.

Air fryers are heated by a combination of heat radiation and rapid air circulation. In an air fryer, on top of the frying basket and ingredients, there is a mosquito coil-like heating tube with a fan above the heating tube. When working, it is like a high-powered hairdryer, blowing hard on the raw materials until the raw materials are blown away. "Blow" cooked. In addition, the inside of the fryer basket of the air fryer will have a unique pattern design, which forms a vortex heat flow when the hot air circulates and is in "360° intimate contact" with the fryer surface. The water vapor generated by the heating of the ingredients is taken away so that the surface of the ingredients is taken away, and it becomes crispy and golden to achieve the taste and appearance of fried. Because the biggest feature of the air fryer, the reason why most people want to start it is that the air fryer uses hot air instead of hot oil, which not only fiys crispy but also light oil and low-fat health, improving fried food health level.

(3) Function

The oven is essentially a large air fryer, and the two functions partially overlap but are not substitutes for each other. Oven-processed recipes are also plentiful, and food made in the air fryer can be done in the oven. If you want to make bread, cakes, or roast a whole chicken or duck at home, you can only use the oven. If all you want is egg tarts, chips, chicken wings, warm bread biscuits, fried spring rolls, and dumplings, the air fryer is easier and faster.

(4) Scale of energy consumption

From the point of view of energy saving, the air fryer for small Internet appliances has low power, high efficiency, and is relatively energy-saving; the electric oven has high power and consumes a lot of electricity. And the oven needs to be preheated when in use, but the air fryer can heat up faster.

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