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Electric Pressure Cooker Precautions

Electric pressure cooker precautions

Can be used without learning

Some people buy a pressure cooker and use it without asking or learning. This is the most dangerous! When using the pressure cooker for the first time, be sure to read the instruction manual of the pressure cooker. Be sure to follow the instructions, or ask someone who knows how. Can be used without learning.

Do not check before use

When using, first carefully check whether the exhaust hole is unblocked and whether the hole under the safety valve seat is blocked by residual rice or other food residues. If it is blocked by food during use, the pot should be removed from the fire source, as the aging rubber ring will easily cause the pressure cooker to leak. For this reason, it needs to be updated in time.

The handle is not suitable

The handle of the pot lid must be completely coincident with the handle of the pot so that the food can be cooked with electric power, otherwise,  it will cause the explosion of the pot and the accident of the flying lid.

Pressurized without authorization

In the process of use, in order to increase the pressure in the pot, someone forcibly shortened the production time and added weight to the pressure valve without authorization. But there are strict technical parameters for the pressure in the pot. Ignoring this scientific design is tantamount to joking with one's own life, which will lead to serious consequences of explosion and injury. Don't take this risk! In addition, if the fusible metal sheet (plug) on ​​the cookware falls off, it should not be replaced with other metal objects and should be replaced with new parts of the same type.


When using a pressure cooker to put ingredients, the capacity should not exceed four-fifths of the pot's volume. If it is a food that is easy to expand, such as beans, it should not exceed two-thirds of the pot's volume.


During the heating process, do not open the lid halfway to prevent the food from overheating. Before confirming cooling, do not remove heavy objects or pressure regulating devices to avoid splashing food and hurting people. Open the lid after natural cooling or forced cooling.

sharp shovel

The pressure cooker must be cleaned in time after use, and especially the safety plug should be checked for food residues and residues. In order to keep the appearance of the pot body clean, do not use sharp tools such as knives, scissors, shovels, etc. to shovel inside and outside the pot, otherwise, the pot body will be easily deformed and convex. shape, or scooping out horizontal and vertical scratches, can damage the protective layer.

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