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How To Choose The Right Electric Pressure Cooker For You

How to choose the right electric pressure cooker for you

1. The choice of capacity

The capacity of household electric pressure cooker is concentrated between 2L-6L. When purchasing, either choose a 5L large capacity, which can hold a lot of ingredients and is cool to use; or choose a 2L or 2.5L small capacity, which is exquisite in appearance and high in appearance;

2. The choice of liner

At present, there are two types of inner bladders on the market: traditional straight wall inner bladders and spherical inner bladders.

3. The choice of heating method.

The price of electric pressure cookers is largely reflected in the heating method.

There are two heating methods: chassis heating and IH heating

4. Selection of additional functions.

Additional functions also have a certain impact on the price, but the more functions, the better. It is recommended to pay attention to the following practical functions when purchasing.

One-button exhaust function.

Multi-stage pressure can be adjusted.

Midway opening function.

Open the lid to collect the juice.

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