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How To Maintain The Air Fryer?

1. Be good at cleaning tools with oil-free air fryers

It should be related to the material of the inner pot of the oil-free air fryer, so it is not suitable for use with a steel brush. It is recommended to use a sponge, rag, bristle brush for cleaning (the brush can clean the edge of the net), and enzyme cleaner, and it is also a good helper for cleaning!

Just take out the inner pot and net of the air fryer and soak them in warm water and enzyme powder, you can easily remove the remaining food residue.

2. Air fryer cleaning tools

Bristle brush: Brushing the oil-free air fryer is really a chore, but with a good bristle brush, you can lose a lot of mortal troubles, and you have to find it yourself.

Enzyme Cleaner: The most essential part of cleaning oil-free air fryers is the enzyme cleaning solution!

Pour the detergent into the inner pot of the air fryer, you can soak it for a while and then brush it, it will be clean immediately, it is so amazing.

3. Spray oil on the frying wire or cover with baking paper before use

Before handling the head, preheat and spray some cooking oil in the pan, or cover it with baking paper, so as to avoid

Meat sticks. However, be aware that the maturing speed of the ingredients may be affected by covering them with baking paper, so when cooking

The time and temperature must be increased, and the number of turns can be increased.

4. Wash it after each use, don't leave it for the next time

After each use, remember to soak in hot water before cleaning. Some people will wait until the next time to wash, which is very easy

It is easy to produce dirt, and it will breed bacteria, which is very bad.

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