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How To Use The Air Fryer And Its Advantages And Precautions

How to use an air fryer

1. Install the base of the air fryer and place it on a level countertop.

2. Put the food to be cooked into the container.

3. Cover the burner of the air fryer.

4. Plug the air fryer into the power plug.

5. Adjust the timer and thermostat to the corresponding position according to the food to be prepared.

6. Put down the handle of the air fryer, and the switch will automatically turn on.

7. After cooking, turn off the power of the air fryer, and then place the burner on the burner rack.

8. Use the rack to take the food out of the air fryer. Pay attention when taking the food to avoid burns.

Advantages of Air Fryers

1. Fast efficiency and simple operation:

Anyone who has an oven at home knows that whether it is a large or small oven, it must be preheated before making food. The preheating time is about 10 to 30 minutes. If the time is too short, the food will be cooked slowly. Long time will reduce the use time of the air fryer, making a meal is not enough trouble, the air fryer is relatively a fool to operate

2, does not occupy space, save space:

The smallest oven at home is 15 liters. The family usually uses about 25 to 40 liters. It is large in size and not small in weight. It is better to order, it is only the size of a rice cooker, you can put it away after use, and it is very easy to move.

Notes on using the air fryer:

1. First of all, before use, if you want to clean the frying pan or frying basket, please use a non-abrasive sponge to avoid damage to it and affecting its normal use.

2. Secondly, when cooking, if you want to flip the ingredients, please don't use your hands directly, but grab the handle, take out the frying pan and flip it. After flipping, slide it back into the fryer.

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