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How To Use The Air Fryer? How To Operate?

How to use the air fryer? How to operate?

Instructions for exactly how to do it (what buttons to press; how to place food in the basket; how long to cook) vary by model. But there are some basic principles that seem to apply to all or most air fryer models, including:

Use the right accessory depending on how you want to cook your food: grill, crisper, multi-level grill, or other accessories.

Put food in the basket, making sure not to overcrowd it. Basically, the individual items in your basket don't want to touch each other. Leaving space between the food pieces ensures that their entire surface is fully browned.

Preheat according to the instruction manual - if your unit has a preheat function.

Set the time and temperature, or choose a preset setting. Many models come with cooking temperature and time charts, depending on the food, volume, and your preference for doneness.

Press the start button (or any button to start cooking on your device). You'll know it's working because you can hear the fan.

Shake, toss, or flip food in half to cook evenly and prevent burning or sticking. Check the basket or attachment frequently to prevent overcooking, and to see if it's at your preferred "done point."

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