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Introduction, Function And Characteristics Of Electric Cooker

The electric Cooker Steamer mainly uses the heat energy generated by the heating tube of the heating plate at the bottom of the heating plate to turn the water in the pot into high-temperature steam in a short time, so as to cook the food. The electric steamers on the market mainly include stainless steel electric steamers and food-grade plastic electric steamers.

Functions and Features

The main features of an electric steamer are health and environmental protection, nutrition, fast and convenient, safe and clean! In daily life, many people like to use "steaming" to cook food. "Steaming" food with water vapor can not only avoid the trouble of kitchen fumes, but also better preserve the nutrition and original flavor of the food. Steamed food can keep the original taste of food, and some nutrients of the food itself will be lost to the air due to frying or burning, so steamed food is more nutritious than fried food. Electric steamers are compared to ordinary steamers. Not only is the shape very unique, but the design is also more unique. The transparent three-layer steamer can be disassembled and assembled at will, and the changes of the food during the cooking process can be observed when the food is cooked. Keep them separate while the Steamer has no odor. The capacity of most electric steamers can be adjusted at will, the tiered steaming rack can be increased or decreased, and the clapboard can be removed to cook a whole chicken or whole fish. Some steaming racks can be nested and stacked without taking up space. In addition to steaming food, the multifunctional stainless steel electric steamer can also be used as an electric hot pot. The electric steamer adopts advanced anti-dry temperature control. When the water is dry, the power is automatically cut off, the bell rings regularly, and water is added to the external water inlet without stopping. It is very safe and convenient to use.

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