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The Difference Between Electric Pressure Cooker And Rice Cooker

Rice cooker, also known as a rice cooker. It is a cooking utensil that converts electrical energy into internal energy. It is easy to use, clean and hygienic.

Common rice cookers are divided into three categories: automatic heat preservation, timed heat preservation, and microcomputer control. Now it has become the most common household appliance, rice cookers are safe and convenient to use, suitable for all ages. Compared with traditional cooking methods, rice cooking is more professional. A slightly better rice cooker also has practical functions such as taste selection, intelligent reservation, and low-pressure cooking. It is a kitchen tool that everyone loves.

The biggest highlight of the smart rice cooker is its "fine cooking" function. Fine cooking is more delicious, but it takes a long time. At the same time, it is more diversified in cooking functions, and other functions are the same as ordinary rice cookers.

Electric pressure cooker

Electric pressure cooker is an upgraded product of traditional pressure cooker and rice cooker. It combines the advantages of pressure cooker and rice cooker, adopts elastic pressure control, dynamic sealing, external screw cover, displacement adjustable electric switch and other new technologies and structures. Sealed cooking, continuously adjustable pressure, completely solves the safety problem of pressure cookers, and relieves the hidden safety hazards that have plagued consumers for many years in ordinary pressure cookers

The electric pressure cooker can heat the food to be cooked to above 100 ℃. The unique high temperature and high-pressure function greatly shortens the cooking time and saves energy; however, the pressure cooker with high working pressure also damages nutrients.

The thermal efficiency of the electric pressure cooker is above 80%, which saves time and electricity, and saves more than 30% electricity than ordinary rice cookers. Electric pressure cooker has the incomparable advantages of other cooking utensils. It can meet various cooking needs and can realize various cooking methods quickly, safely, and automatically. Its energy-saving and nutritious characteristics are the development direction of modern cooking.

In terms of function, it integrates the functions of a variety of appliances and is the first choice to replace rice cookers, pressure cookers, electric stew pots, stew pots, and other pots. Therefore, the future development prospect of the electric pressure cookers is very optimistic, the market space is huge, and it is a very distinctive kitchen appliance product.

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