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Tips For Using The Multi-cooker

Tips for using the multi-cooker

They are really safe and not scary.

1. Sealing and venting

Set the steam release handle to seal

2. Set the timer

3. Don't overfill

While modern multi-cookers have many built-in safety features, our safety also depends on following the rules. Overfilling your multicooker can cause excessive pressure build-up. This may not happen due to other safety features, but overfilling can cause trouble.

4. Don’t underestimate cooking time

Your multi-cooker will take 10-15 minutes to get to pressure, and many recipes also require some resting time to release the pressure, so an 8-minute chicken might sit in the pot for about 30 minutes total.

5. Use the "Fry" button to preheat You can speed up the pressurization time by preheating the multi-cooker. Just press the "sauté" button while assembling the ingredients and add the liquid first.

6. Squirt!

If you are pressure cooking meat, let it naturally release for at least 10 minutes. If you do "squirt", carefully close the valve again and wait a few minutes.

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