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What Is The Difference Between An Electric Pressure Cooker And A Pressure Cooker?

1. Brief introduction

A pressure cooker is a more traditional cooker that cooks food quickly at a higher temperature, making it ideal for cooking rice and soup. The electric pressure cooker is a combination of an ordinary pressure cooker and a rice cooker, which can be used for steaming, boiling, stewing, boiling, boiling, burning, simmering, etc., and the electric pressure cooker is a fully automatic electrical appliance.

Second, the difference between an electric pressure cooker and a pressure cooker

1. Energy saving

The electric pressure cooker is controlled by time and has pressure. Compared with other pots, its energy consumption is less and the efficiency is higher. It is a veritable energy-saving product. Because the electric pressure cooker is in a sealed state during the working process, with a certain pressure, things are basically isolated from the outside air, and the temperature loss is slow, which greatly reduces the cooking time of the food.

The setting of the pressure cooker to exhaust heat and air pressure while heating prolongs the cooking time period and consumes more energy. In addition, the heat energy source of the electric pressure cooker is electricity, and the heat energy source of the pressure cooker is natural gas. Relatively speaking, natural gas is heated during the combustion process. Not all the natural gas burned can provide a heat source, but only a part can provide it, and the other part is almost wasted during the combustion process, and it does not exert its effect on heating food at all, and electricity is different. When using electricity for heating, almost all the electric energy can be used for electric pressure cookers, and maximum efficiency is exerted. , its energy-saving advantages are obvious.

2. Safety

Since most electric pressure cookers on the market currently use a floating sealing structure with the inner pot and the lid separated, it is the most critical that the pressure can be automatically relieved when the pressure is too high such as overpressure. Moreover, in the control aspect, various control technologies such as pressure control and temperature control are used, which can automatically realize the control range of pressure and ensure the safety. Second, it has the function of fast and automatic cooking. Since the electric pressure cooker can automatically realize the cooking program according to different foods and at different times, it does not need to be supervised by people, which reduces the labor burden of people.

3. Nutritional value

The advantages of electric pressure cooker rice cookers are that they are completely sealed when cooking, and nutrients are not easily lost. The pressure cooker is designed with an exhaust setting. During the exhaust process, nutrients are expelled along with water vapor, which is not easy to store. The nutritional value of the original food.

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